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Lockdown and coronavirus: speaking to people and ringing them is a good thing

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

By Gina

Hi everyone.

This my blog about Lockdown. I have been speaking to people and ringing them and consoling them.

And this is a good thing because some people might not have someone to talk to and it brightens up their day.

For instance yesterday and today I have been speaking to Jean and Amy. They were just talking.

Yesterday they were in the park and they were sitting down and talking so they WhatsApped me. So, I saw both of them in the park! It was nice to see them.

WhatsApp is where you can ring this person and you can see them. I think that’s great. If you want to know how to do it we have a film on this website.

Some other people I’ve been ringing are lonely so I just encourage them talk and I listen.

They can talk about anything to me. It’s just what they want to talk about. They say what they’ve been doing and listening to music and doing crosswords and watching TV - that’s the main thing they’ve been doing. Basically, they just like to talk and that cheers them up.

I ask them if they have enough food in their house and they will say yes or no or tell me that they’ve gone shopping and they have enough food in.

I ask them how are you and stuff and they will let me know.

Lockdown, it can be hard for people because it’s been a long time.

It can be boring in the house, and some people can’t go out and some people can. It’s difficult for everyone and it’s because it’s day-in day-out and it’s the same thing, there’s no change right now.

I will say, phone your friends, chat to people, phone people or WhatsApp if you’ve got it on your phone or you can get it on on your phone.

Staying in touch with people makes you feel happy and you know you are doing something, just helping them.

You can have a laugh as well, you can have a chill chat and have a laugh.

Bye for now, look after yourself. I will be writing another blog soon.


Breaking Out Of The Bubble

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