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BOB Group

The BOB group is a space for people with learning difficulties to share their views, have their voices heard and speak up about any issues they have.

 It takes place in our rooms on the 4th floor every Thursday, from 1.30pm to 3pm. You can also draw, paint or just chat.

‘You can have a chat and talk about issues which are on your mind, serious issues, personal issues that you want to talk about in the group. It’s good to relax while you’re doing your drawing’ (Jennifer).


‘Also, you can support the group. We are there to chat but we are there to listen’ (Wenda).

'It's good to have Art and Chat Group because certain issues will come out in that meeting. People can talk about their problems and they can talk about anything' (Gina).


How to get in contact:

We have all the equipment that you need to do art.
Free tea, coffee and biscuits provided.

Everybody is welcome!

Some of the drawings:


John Baker 

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