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What cheers me up in Lockdown…

By Becky Smith, Wenda Gordon, Johnny Baker,

Gabby Duncan, Vivien Fail & Vic Forrest.



Vic’s telephone calls designed to enthral


Watching the Swans grow from egg to adult

Meeting up with my family by phone

Going for walks around Brixton

Writing in my bed


Phone calls from the Doctor and Vic

Having my vaccine

Painting paintings

Watching my hair grow

Writing cards to friends


Endless Facetime chats

Fish and Chips!


Listening to Capital Gold

Deciding what music I like


Writing, reading, walking

Listening to audio books

Looking at dogs outside

A Nice Cup Of Tea.

 A Poem By John David Baker.


Composed On Monday 1st March 2021 Anno Domini In The Year Of Our Lord.


Tea revives the senses so aptly indeed,

Everything about it oozes perfection,

Ensues peacefulness and Prama to breed,

To it, we should be in subjection,

With a slice of fruit cake or a strawberry jam scone,

Polite conversation intermingling with our kin,

We shouldn't contemplate from whence it come from,

It helps us abstain from sin,

The caffeine and tannin inspire friendly banter,

True fellowship with one another,

They drink pleasant tea in Georgia's Atlanta,

And commune with father and mother,

It's not nutritious, but still its delicious,

A pick me up in times of woe,

It's perfect as a comforting sedative,

And nice whenst we come in from the snow,

Tea reconciles everyone.

Diversity/ being different is beautiful 


Being u is fine



Acceptance from others isn't needed

By Becky Smith

I love nhs



Wear a mask- be safe



Some people are exempt 



Be kind 

By Becky Smith

I'm Cuddling My Unicorn.

A Poem By John Baker.


Composed On Tuesday 6th April 2021 Anno Domini In The Year Of Our Lord.


I'm cuddling my unicorn,

No filthy lucre or defilement adorned,

I love its lovely soft pink and white fur,

It's as nice as a touch of a pussycat's fur,

It's blood pressure and blood glucose lowering for me,

And as calming as the waves of the sea,

My cuddly animals pacify me to a Prama serenity,

And help me keep my sanity,

It depicts the childlike innocence in me,

Manifest in my human development disability,

My mental age being lower than my chronological age,

My love of good books; o' how I can't wait to turn the page,

Absorbing information like a computer URL,

Affixed to detail in C-Beebies so well,

Current affairs, sociology, psychology,

And anthropology and neurobiology,

I love to read and I love to grow,

My self-actualising self-awareness is beginning to show,

High-functioning autism,

High-functioning autism,

I like to learn in this darkened world to glow.


 By John Baker, Vivien Fail and Gabby Duncan 

Yellow like the sun

Turquoise blue like a still tropical sea

Orange like the overcoat I bought for my friend Matthew for his birthday


Tastes buttery

Like Strawberries and Cream

Pleasant like breaded scampi and chips


Smells like Jasmine

Pretty pink roses

Fresh cut grass

Soil when you work on the allotment


Looks Whispy, floaty





Sounds like Tchaikovsky 1812 overture because of victory over disability and diagnosis

Children in the playground

Big band Tin pan Alley

Harmonies in a gospel song

Praising Jesus for his countless blessings


Feels like a warm embrace

Like snowflakes on your face

Waking up on a warm summers day

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